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2024 Friendly Fixtures


Mon 29th 

Runwell Away 4mxt 2pm Greys

Sun 5th 

Brentwood Away 4mxt 2pm Whites

Sat 11th

Thurrock Away 4mxt 2.30pm Whites

Sat 18th

Hadleigh Away 4mxt 2pm Whites


Sun 9th

Thames Sport Away 4mxt 2.30pm Whites

Sun 16th

Memorial Park Away 4mxt 2.30pm Whites 

Sun 30th

Hadleigh Home 4mxt 2pm Whites 


Sun 14th 

Whitstable Bay Away 4mxt 2pm Whites

Sat 20th

Thurrock Home 4mxt 2.30pm Whites

Sun 28th 

Orsett Away 4mxt 2pm Whites 


Sun 18th

Orsett Home 4mxt 2pm Whites 

Sat 31st

Thames Sport Home 4mxt 2pm Whites 


Sun 22nd 

Memorial Park Home 4mxt 2.30pm Greys

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